texan in the city is on hiatus

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hey kids! thanks for reading this blog over the last few years. i've said some pretty important, pretty ridiculous, and pretty dumb crap over the years. being that this texan no longer lives in THE city, i'm putting this blog on hiatus. i won't delete it. you never know if i'll end up there again. 

if you think my blog contributes anything to your life (lunch time distraction, emotional support, laughs, disdain) and you want to continue reading about my misadventures, please head over to: http://mynameisclaudia.tumblr.com

yep. i'm claudia. not [redacted]. shocking? not so much.


my last night in nyc was partly spent interviewing mike huckabee. yes. that one.

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texan no longer in "the" city

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well it's official. i'm taking a hiatus from new york city. starting today, i have a new job working for the miami dolphins. so i made the move and am subletting a place until i find a more permanent residence.

i've thought about retiring this blog, but can't think of a proper name. but maybe i won't pigeon hole myself into a blog name because of my location. i've secured a blog with "mynameisclaudia" as part of the address. although i guess that totally blows my cover here since i've been posting as "redacted". damn.

stay tuned.

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i'm doomed to be single

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i'm moving from one metro area where there are more single women than men to...ANOTHER metro area with more single women than men. 

my next move should be to dallas or LA for sure.

texan in the city flashback

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even at a year old, i fuckin' rocked out. and my dad rocked shorts that were inappropriately too short (but in style back then). 

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i need a new blog name

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so i'm moving to the ft. lauderdale/miami area this coming sunday. and after having this blog for a few years, i think it might be time to retire texan in the city. 

i'm thinking:
xo claudia
claudia takes miami (but then if the whole florida thing doesn't work out, then i don't want to pigeon hole myself into a geographic location)

suggestions welcome. 

if only all men dressed like chuck bass and don draper

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i kinda want this

6/08/2009 02:22:00 PM / Posted by [redacted] / comments (0)

i know i'm a native texan, but the fact that i'm leaving nyc makes me want to buy this necklace.

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a message from the new republican party

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seven other plane crash mysteries

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am i crazy for believing this conspiracy theory?

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